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North Tustin natural pool

At Unique outdoor designs LLC, we focus on creating the most unique outdoor living environments. We give full attention to every details requested by our clients. This project entails almost every custom feature you could possibly want in a backyard escape.

We focused on a natural design to incorporate the surrounding environments, this property sits along a natural trail/creek bed, and most of the Oak trees that can be seen, are in that area.

We included a massive rock slide/cave/waterfall system for the grand kids to enjoy, A large 12" deep kiddie pool with a second large in pool reef.

A custom sunken fire pit area with a "zero edge" spillway surrounding the entire thing for those beautiful evening gatherings along with a 55' long negative edge giving it the illusion of the pool flowing of the edge. . 6 Automated fire pits were spread throughout the rock structure and next to the spa for a warm, natural feeling. The fog machines add a natural appeal of an early morning mist. We included 24 LED color lights throughout the pool/spa for a warm glow at night.